About Us

Humanity Assistance and Relief Trust (HART) is a NGO working in Pakistan for the prosperity of humanity. It was registered on 11th of June 2012 at Islamabad, Pakistan. The aim of this trust is to run projects related with human rights, women rights, child rights, education, energy crises, youth development, human awareness and skills enhancement.

We are in partnership with many NGO's and we have a team of dedicated professionals having vast experience of working with other organizations. The Structure of our Organization Includes the following persons:-


- Umer Naeem Khan (Author & Founder)
- Salman Yousaf Khan (CEO & Founder)
- Saad Asif (President & Founder)
- Muhammad Ahsan (Program Director)
- Ms. Tahira Amjad (Relational Manager)
- Malik Nauman Khalid (IT Manager)
- Talha Ali (Finance Manager)
- Muhammad Suleiman Awan (Media Manager)
- Sharjeel Arif (Volunteer)

- Salman Imran (Regional President Rawalpindi)
- Malik Zakaullah Khan (Regional Manager)
- Malik Umer (Program Manager)

Gilgit Baltistan
- Sami Ahmad (Regional Manager Gilgit Baltistan)
- Sher Alam (Field Manager Hunzanagar)

- Sajid Sarwar Wattoo (Regional Manager Lahore)
- Afia Daud (Volunteer)

- Salaudin Haider (Chairperson)
- Rukh Sultan (Regional President Sindh)

- Raja Kamran Altaf (Regional Manager Kashmir)

- Syed Jamshed Arshad Shah (Regional Manager)

Fateh Jang
- Umar Ilyas (Field Manager)

- Ms. Flowy O' Nell (Country Head United Kingdom)

- Danial Zakaria Zuberi (Country Head)

Apart from that we have many boys and girls that are voluntarily working with our organization. We have our head office in Islamabad, Pakistan. Apart from that we have youth forums in all parts of Pakistan.We are in contact with masses in Urban areas as well as in the rural areas of Pakistan. Our aim is to raise voice and fight against the injustices of all kinds against the human rights in Pakistan.